While growing up mainly overseas, Joe’s early obsession with water was furthered during summers in Wildwood, NJ.  Landing a job as a mate on a party fishing boat at age 13 and later at a jet ski rental through college; running boats, maintaining them, fishing or diving off them, has always been part of his life.  

Joe started his career in the marine industry as a yacht broker in Miami in 1999 and later in the Annapolis, MD, area for 18 years before finally landing in Stuart, FL. Joe has operated and delivered boats from up to 85ft for his clients, but currently he can be found running around on his 1979 Mako 21 that he did a two year restoration on in his driveway.

With his vast technical experience as a Yacht Broker, Joe is extending that knowledge into securing the best boat Insurance Coverage and rates for his clients. Allow Joe’s experience at the helm, to guide you to the best rates for your boat! 

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